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Stop being afraid

If you associate with the type of people I do there is a lot of uncertainty if not outright fear today. Many people are wondering: What is happening to America? Where is it going? It is an issue I have been thinking about a lot lately as the focus of a book I am writing. 

For those of us that believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the question becomes: What can we do about it? The answer ultimately boils down to a basic principle that people of faith need to live their faith. If everyone who claimed to be some form of Christian, for example, would just live their life according to the precepts of that faith, the country, and world would be a different place. How on earth do we make that happen? I believe it has to start with each one of us making a concerted effort to stop being afraid.

Why do Christians hide their faith in fear of ridicule? I think a big reason is that many feel alone. Many who claim Christianity as their faith have unconsciously bought into the pervasive ideas of moral relativism. This leads them to believe that it is not their place to tell someone else what is right or wrong. Ultimately this results in living your faith in the shadows, separating your faith life from your public one. Doesn’t this undermine the very foundations of faith?

I would like to issue a simple challenge. I know many reading this blog already do this, but maybe if you share this challenge with others it will lead to something. The challenge is this: When you go out to dinner with your family and friends make sure you pray before every meal. Nothing overtly obnoxious or in your face. Just a simple, natural but visible prayer. I believe that if it were common to see fifty percent or more of the people in a restaurant praying, more people would have the courage to stand up for what they believe. People of faith would feel less alone. People of faith would slowly stop being afraid.


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