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This report emphasizes one of the major reasons JP Catholic was founded. It is a sad commentary on the state of Catholic higher education. Thankfully, schools like JP Catholic, and the other Newman Guide schools, are trying to reverse this trend.


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Okay, since JP Catholic is a media school, I just had t (more…)

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Scripture says that we will know the truth, and the truth will make us free (Jn 8:32) — not necessarily comfortable or respected; but free in the real sense of the word: able to see and do what’s right.

Archbishop Charles Chaput at the ordination of Bishop James Conley


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I would like to announce the World’s First Rosary on Facebook. As part of her Freshman eCommerce course Sister Mary Agnes took the initiative (and knowledge from prior courses in Dreamweaver and Flash) to build the very first Rosary on Facebook. While she has elaborate plans for expansion, the current version has already attracted several hundred users. In Sister Mary’s own words:

When it comes time to sit down and quiet our minds to pray, we face a challenge: how do we “turn off” the multitude of images dancing across our minds and concentrate on prayer?

I developed this interactive rosary to be a tool to help people learn to meditate on scripture and the mysteries while they pray the rosary.

If even one person finds that they become more devoted to the rosary because of using this application, then all the work was worth it.

— Sister Mary Agnes, developer http://www.dmml.org

Not on Facebook? You can get her application as a Widget and install it on your own site.

Please share your thoughts on Facebook and the First Rosary.

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An interesting video on the “average” student attending college today. Luckily, JP Catholic is anything but “average”. Here are some of our averages for comparison:

– Average Class Size: 22

– 100% of our teachers know every students’ name

– Any wonder why most of our professors do not allow laptops during class?


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